It is one of the questions we ask or hear more at this time of year: what to give? A recurring doubt Christmas after Christmas, which can be easier to clear if our present is addressed to a plant lover. For them, nothing like gardening gifts that allow them to continue their passion. Details that will not only make an illusion but also will be useful. The perfect tandem that anyone looks for when giving away.

The good thing about gardening gifts is that the range of options that are presented to us is incredibly wide. As much as people who love plants exist, or small personal passions they may have. Therefore, if we decide to make a gift of this type, we must take our time. Basically, because knowing your personal tastes is essential to hit the spot.

For this reason and for the number of different people who love plants, these gardening gifts are different depending on the type of person who can receive them. A way to find the inspiration we need to make a gift that dazzles.


Well, if you have to give it to a plant lover, you have to discover our ideas for gardening gifts. Some that cover all levels of knowledge and, above all, seek to amaze our recipient with our present. A surprise effect that is, in fact, the main objective of those who wish to give with success.

Our gardening gift ideas range from the classic to the most original. An inspiration so you can deduce what the person you give can be liked. Because let’s not get confused: a list of five gardening gifts is to limit the possibilities that the world of plants gives us.

1. A bonsai, one of the most successful gardening gifts

One of the quintessential gardening gifts. Bonsai art is, perhaps, one of the disciplines of gardening with more followers. It implies patience and dedication, two of the skills developed by the cultivation of these small-format trees. If we consider giving it away, let’s start losing your fear. The care of bonsai is not as complicated as we might think. It is true that it is not the ideal gift for a newbie, but it is perfect for someone more advanced.

If the recipient of our gift is already a bonsai lover, nothing like feeding his passion. The cultivation of this plant involves the use of a good number of tools for bonsai. Some necessary for those prunings and fences essential to be able to give it the shape we want. Less necessary for the welfare of the plant but for its owner are the decorative accessories. Some who seek, basically, to reinforce that aesthetic that is part of the cultivation of these plants.

2. Pachira, a beautiful indoor green plant

Exotic and sculptural, perfect to put a tropical spot in any house. Pachira is one of those green plants of good growth that also has a sculptural appearance. A virtue that is based on its main aesthetic feature: having a braided trunk. Something that gives elegance and makes it the center of all eyes.

The machine care is simple despite its tropical origins. For this reason, it is one of the ideal gardening gifts, even for a gardener’s apprentice. In order to see it grow, we will only have to grow it in a room with good light. Without the direct sun, we can enjoy its intensely green foliage.

In addition to light, two aspects must be considered: good drainage, regular watering twice a week, and the application of fertilizer for green plants from time to time.

3. An orchard kit, ideal to start in natural flavors

The reasons to start in the garden are more than varied. And waking up in a garden lover, this bug is more than simple. For those who enjoy plants, growing garden plants is a natural movement. One way to go one step further and to discover a discipline of gardening that engages.

On many occasions, gardening enthusiasts do not consider having a garden because of a lack of space to have it.

Something that can be solved with a garden kit that allows cultivation in a controlled space. A different and original way to start having crops without having to allocate many square meters.

4. Hydroponic cultivation, one of the most original gardening gifts

And, if what we are looking for are original gardening gifts, nothing like considering dazzling with a different form of cultivation. We refer to hydroponic cultivation: a way to move our plants without soil. A technique that is being imposed worldwide and that is ideal for those who love gardening that either want to discover another modality or lack the space they would like.

The main advantage of this formula is that it allows you to grow both ornamental and garden plants. Moreover, it is the ideal cultivation system for impatient people. Basically, because germination and growth times are substantially shorter than when we planted in a substrate.

5. A kit for growing plants with flowers, another original gift

We leave for the end another one of those gardening gifts that will surprise you. An ideal one for both advanced in the world of plants and for novices. And it is that this type of culture kits have all the elements and precise instructions to get a plant moving forward. Something that will make life easier for those who start gardening, and that those who dominate the world of plants will like it for its originality.

This type of kit demands little space and, added, has another attraction: it offers the possibility of growing a very large number of plants. Carnivorous, orange, or even aromatic plants. We just have to choose a kit and a surprise!

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