Known a little more thoroughly along with their small vegetable whims, it is time to know how to attract pollinating insects. Achieving it in conditions does not only happen to have the aforementioned plants or any of those that are attractive to these insects. So is knowing the mechanisms that will allow us to create a sustainable ecosystem around us.

If we plan to attract firm pollinating insects, it is interesting to know some of them. Simple gestures that will allow us to have this fauna around us.

1. Variety of plant species

A key aspect to attract pollinating insects. And the more varied the flowers are in terms of size, fragrance, and color, the easier it will be to get your attention. Moreover, far from attracting only one species, we will be able to expand the range of insects that will accompany us. A perfect way to diversify, appealing only to plants.

Plant selection is important. Sometimes, without knowing it, we can count on one that having a certain perfume repels them. Avoiding it involves thoroughly investigating the tastes of different insects, or relying on a selection of ideal plants to attract pollinating insects.

2. Have flowers throughout the year

Let’s not get confused: attracting pollinating insects is not courtesy of good weather. During the cold months, even if they go unnoticed, they will also be in our garden. For that to happen, it is essential to have flowering plants throughout the year. Thus, pollinating insects can do their job even in winter.

3. Choose the planting place carefully

Another fundamental aspect to attract pollinating insects. By grouping plants by species, we improve the ability of these animals to pollinate. It is also important to bet on sun plant species. Pollinators prefer plants with some heat.

4. Hotels for pollinating insects

Simulate nature, facilitating a place to shelter. That is the purpose of hotels for insects. Small houses that recreate the homes of this auxiliary fauna and that will allow us to attract pollinating insects.

These rooms, created in natural materials, should be placed in sunny places and covered with any inclement weather. In this way, insects can live and reproduce with heat and protected from wind or rain.

5. Bet on organic fertilizers

As we said before, chemists are the great enemies of this fauna. Therefore, and if our idea is to attract pollinating insects, we will have to try to reduce the use of insecticides of this type. Beware: this does not mean giving up on eradicating pests. It means, rather, choosing to eliminate pests naturally. Or what is the same, using organic products.

And no: because they are ecological, they are less effective, or we will not find the product we need. Just take a look at our insecticides and fungicides section to discover that we can be respectful of nature, even using them.

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