It is one of the significant concerns of plant lovers during the summer. How to water pots on vacation is a recurring and logical doubt. Leaving a few days from home or the office is synonymous with depriving our plants of water. Something that, especially in the hot months, can be synonymous with bringing us an unpleasant surprise upon returning home. And, even more indoors than outdoors, daily hydration is key to the excellent development of our plants.

For these reasons, watering pots on vacation becomes a task to plan. One that we will have to do before leaving home, if only for a couple of days. One way, also, to choose the best irrigation system according to the water needs of each plant. An aspect that we have to contemplate in detail, with a view to not watering excessively but not in default.

Leaving aside those unhealthy home systems, let’s look at some systems to water pots on comfortable and easy-to-install vacations. Some who will not only ensure the correct hydration of our plants. They will also give us peace of mind to enjoy the much-deserved holiday.


Before seeing our proposals to water pots on vacation, we must contemplate something else. We refer to the time we are going to be absent. An aspect that has nothing secondary. The days we will not be able to take care of our plants affect the choice of one system or another. Even if we are going to be away from home for a month, we don’t have to worry about how we are going to take care of the plants. It is possible to do it without having to ask anyone for a favor.

So, let’s look at five systems to water pots on vacations distributed in two families — one for short stays away from home, and another for when we will take longer to return.

Systems for watering pots on short vacations

1. Decorative irrigation cone

The most discreet and easy system for small pots. One way to keep our plants hydrated in short stays. And we insist on this aspect since they will not give us room beyond three days. These irrigation cones have a small tank, so the water supply is small.

In addition, another aspect must be contemplated. If we use them in indoor plants, we must have a part of the tank evaporate as a result of the heat of the space. A compelling reason to place, even in small pots, two cones.

2. Irrigation cones with a water tank

no of the easiest systems to water pots on vacation. They can give us a quarter for a maximum of 15 days. A time that will depend, to a large extent, on the water tank, we choose to join the cone.

The system is simple. The irrigation cones are manufactured with a clay component, capable of hydrating. Therefore, and for this system to work properly, we have to take some time. The one they need to, submerged in water and before installing them, soak them properly. With them moistened, we will only have to fill them with water and put the cap with the connecting tube to the water tank. The cone will take care of the rest.

To ensure proper irrigation, the ideal is to size the number of irrigation zones — one for small pots, two for larger pots, or even three for pots.

Systems for watering pots on long vacations

1. Auto-potting pots

A good solution to water pots on vacation but also to always keep houseplants hydrated. The self-watering pots or hydrolats will allow us to forget to water for a period of one week to twenty days. A time in which, logically, the ambient temperature and pot capacity also influence.

Its main advantage is that they allow us to maintain constant humidity while we are absent. They have a lower container that acts as a water tank. From it, split some wicks in contact with the substrate, which will be responsible for hydrating it according to the needs of the plant.

One of its main advantages is that it does not involve any installation. It will be enough to have our plant planted in it and refill your water tank before leaving home.

2. Irrigation gel

A comfortable and simple system that can hydrate our plants for up to a month. Thanks to its composition, with cellulose microcrystals that retain water, it will slowly release the moisture necessary for the plant to remain hydrated.

For it to fulfill its function correctly, it is important to place it properly. For this, the ideal is to water the plant being generous with the water before placing the gel in the substrate.

3. Drip irrigation system

Did you think a drip irrigation system was only for the garden? Nothing is further from reality! In fact, it can be a great helper for our vacation. It not only allows us to save water but also optimize the one we use. And its penetration capacity in the substrate is barbaric. And, therefore, also the maintenance of our plants.

However, when it comes to watering pots on vacation, we don’t talk about putting together a complicated system. We refer, rather, to use a drip irrigation kit. One simple installation that, in just a few minutes, allows us to have a safeguard in place for our plants.

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